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Mineral Springs and drinking cure

Drinking Cure

Carlsbad mineral water has the following beneficial effects:

  • Improves the production of bile in the liver and its movement through bile ducts into the duodenum
  • Normalises the secretion of gastric juices
  • Has a stimulating effect on external pancreas secretion
  • Increases digestion activity in the duodenum
  • Lowers sugar level in blood and urine
  • Improves acid-base balance in terms of mild alkalisation of the organism
  • Reduces blood uric acid levels
  • Has a diuretic effect
  • Last but not least, it reduces cholesterol levels and other fats in the blood

Twelve Carlsbad healing springs have almost the same chemical composition. They vary only in their temperature (30-72 °C) and the amount of free dissolved carbon dioxide, which also influences the pH of 6.5-7.3.

Carlsbad mineral water isn’t intended for permanent or unregulated use. The daily dose should be recommended by a physician. It should be drunk before meals, preferably during a walk by the springs. You can read more about the Carlsbad springs and colonnades on the link.



The uniqueness of the sources:

a) Karlovy Vary’s thermal water is unique due to its chemical composition and physical properties. The oldest components of this water are older than 25 000 years, carbon dioxide gas is a manifestation of post-volcanic activity of the area. The mineral water contains a large number of major, minor and trace elements. Significant is eg the content of selenium, which has the ability to remove cumulative toxins from the body (lead, cadmium, etc.) and probably also radionuclides.

b) The springs are weakly radioactive, fault structures in which thermal water circulates, emit a number of important substances into the atmosphere, which apparently have a beneficial effect on the human organism.

c) The local thermal springs, whose temperature reaches up to 73.4 oC, belong to the area under the Krušné hory Mts. Due to the high temperature of the thermals, a mechanical mixture of water and gaseous CO2 emerges, which, among other things, causes the intermittent character of the Hot Spring spray. While the basic chemical composition of all thermal effusions is almost identical, the individual strands differ in temperature, free dissolved carbon dioxide content, radioactivity and concentrations of by-products and trace substances.

d) In terms of hydrochemical and genetic aspects, the chemistry of the Karlovy Vary springs is extremely complicated and therefore extremely interesting. In professional terminology it is thermal, hypotonic, strongly mineralized mineral water of the Na-HCO3SO4Cl type (alkaline glauber salt, according to the older nomenclature alkaline-saline-muriatic). The content of pharmacodynamically active substances plays a major role in the healing effect of these waters.

e) The overall yield of the hot-spring structure has been very stable in the long term and is about 2,000 l.min-1. The proportion of large terra (ie Hot Spring Springs) represents 95% of this value, the rest being small springs and wild outflows.

f) Karlovy Vary thermo-mineral waters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a positive effect on:
– metabolism,
– the entire digestive tract,
– paradontic diseases,
– general physical condition,
– increasing immunity and preventing civilization diseases

  • Parolonnade
  • Mill colonnade
  • Market colonnade
  • Castle colonnade
  • Hot Spring colonnade
 Pramen Vřídlo  73,4°C  Vřídelní kolonáda
 Pramen Karla IV.  61,7°C  Tržní kolonáda
 Dolní Zámecký pramen  52,9°C  Tržní kolonáda
 Horní Zámecký pramen  53,6°C  Zámecké lázně
 Tržní pramen  64,7°C  Tržní kolonáda
 Mlýnský pramen  58,6°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Rusalčin pramen  60,4°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Pramen knížete Václava I.  66,1°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Pramen knížete Václava II.  64,5°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Libušin pramen  63,4°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Skalní pramen  47,1°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Pramen Svobody  63,2°C  vlastní altán pramene
 Sadový pramen  42,8°C  hala Sadového pramene
 Pramen Štěpánka  14,4°C  vlastní altán pramene
 Pramen Hadí  30 °C  Sadová kolonáda

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