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Spa Staff
Dr+Med Sis.

Mudr Koula

is the head physician with unique experience and a long-term successful career. The key to the success of our Spa & Wellness is its individual approach to guests, together with the application of new methods and technical procedures.


Mrs. Bernathova

is an important link in the treatment planning of our guests. She always plans everything very carefully and ensures that each guest receives the care that their treatment requires. Mrs Bernathova  has many years of professional experience in customer care and quality management.


Mrs. Simona Volfová

is a qualified cosmetics specialist at Windsor. It recommends the right skin care, professionally performs facial massage, eyebrows, etc. You will find peace, comfort and gentle touch.



MAGNETOTHERAPY The High Induction Magnetotherapy method works as follows: the instruments generates an electromagnetic field projected onto a limited segment of the human body so that it covers the application zone. This field interacts with the...


Swimming Pool with Min./thermal water At the Windsor Spa Hotel, you can experience traditional Karlovy Vary spa treatment: a pool with healing thermal mineral water at a temperature of 36-38 °C. This pool is the only...

Mineral Springs and drinking cure

Drinking Cure Carlsbad mineral water has the following beneficial effects: Improves the production of bile in the liver and its movement through bile ducts into the duodenum Normalises the secretion of gastric juices Has a stimulating...

General contraindications of spa treatment

Infectious diseases transmissible to humans and bacillus carriers Clinical signs of circulatory failure, malignant arrhythmias Frequently recurring profuse bleeding Malignant tumors detected during and after treatment with clinically detectable signs of disease progression Epilepsy,...