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Concert Hall

The Antonín Dvořák Concert Hall, home of the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, is a venue for major cultural and social events every year.


Venue for major events

Some of these events include Dvorák Autumn and the Antonín Dvořák Singing Competition.
The concert hall is also used during the International Film Festival, when screenings of festival films and other accompanying cultural events take place here.


Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra

Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra was founded by Josef Labický in 1835 as a seasonal spa orchestra.
40 years later, councillors decided it should operate year-round, and Karlovy Vary became a spa with the second oldest symphony orchestra in Europe.
Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra’s repertoire includes all essential works of classical and romantic music, and selected works of 20th century music.
Czech work is widely represented, in particular Dvořák’s New World Symphony, Smetana’s My Country and the works of Janáček, Suk, Martinů and others.


New Years eve

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