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This procedure uses various kinds of electric current. It is recommended for post-operative conditions, for chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases, for chronic urological and gynaecological diseases, for diseases of the digestive and respiratory tracts, etc.

  • improves blood circulation in tissues
  • relieves pain
  • suppresses inflammatory processes
  • compensates for insufficient muscle tone, or conversely relaxes muscle tension



Inhaling small particles of mineral water, with the option of additional medicine, etc. created by ultrasound. Recommended for chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.


Gum irrigation

Complements mechanical oral cleaning – gum irrigation, rinse and washing of oral mucosa with thermal spring water at a temperature of 38 °C using a ceramic mouthpiece.

  • improves gum blood circulation
  • acts to prevent periodontitis and gingivitis


Machine lymphodrainage

Procedure which acts against oedemas with alternating pressure which pushes liquid from tissues into blood vessels.

  • eliminates oedemas of the lower and upper limbs caused by insufficient vein function or lymphatic vessels, post-injury oedemas and cellulite


Magnet therapy

A procedure which uses the positive effects of a pulsed magnetic field on the human body using magnetic cylinders. Recommended for diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels, for musculoskeletal system diseases, diseases of the digestive tract and in degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the nervous system.

  • relieves pain
  • has anti-inflammatory and healing effects


Oxygen therapy

Inhalation of moistened oxygen. Recommended following strokes, heart attacks or after heart operations, for persons with metabolism disorders, fat metabolism etc.

  • has beneficial effects in treating disease and disorders related to old age or poor diet


Pneumo puncture

Serving small doses of medicinal carbon dioxide under the skin around acupuncture points.

  • expands blood vessels
  • increases blood circulation
  • improves local metabolism
  • acts against painful joints and limb ischemia
  • relaxes muscle tension



Ultrasound waves applied using a head travelling along soft tissues. Recommended for chronic joint inflammations, muscle rheumatism.

  • improves regeneration of tissue properties
  • eases pain

Traditional Relax Massage

Traditional massage (full or partial) Full massage of the arms, legs and back, or partial massage of the neck and back. Supports blood circulation and metabolism. Excitation of receptors leads to improved blood flow, metabolism and...


Paraffin wrap A procedure using heat transfer in hardening heated (55 °C) paraffin wax mixed with paraffin oil. Recommended for pain in minor joints as a result of arthritis. heats and relaxes tissues, eliminates feelings of...

Baths and spas

Mineral bath Preheated bath in mineral water of temperature 36–38 °C. The procedure is demanding of blood circulation, and as such is unsuitable for persons with high blood pressure or heart disease and for diabetics.   Pearl bath Bath in...

Thai massage

All programs in our salon are performed by professional masseuses from Thailand who know all the subtleties of massage. Relaxing music, aromatic scents and an ideal atmosphere. Massage techniques give a person a complete reboot and...

Beauty Institute

Cosmetics Facial massage Deep cleansing of the skin Ultrasound cleansing Mesotherapy with an apparat Chemical peeling, enzymatic peeling Eyelash extension Perfume sale Parfum de Carlsbad Sale of Carlsbad Professional Cosmetics Dermacur and Czech Dermocosmetics SynCare   Dermatology Wrinkle smoothing Botox application Application of hyaluronic acid   Manicure & Pedicure   Hair Style Hair...

Relax zone

Swimming pool Brand new swimming pool 15 metres long and 5 metres wide is a experience you deserve. Warm water of 28 degrees and 30 degrees air temperature will make your swimming activity unforgettable. Pool also has structured...