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The High Induction Magnetotherapy method works as follows: the instruments generates an electromagnetic field projected onto a limited segment of the human body so that it covers the application zone. This field interacts with the cells of the body, then compensatory mechanisms triggered within them, resulting in the induction field’s basic effect. Health problems affect not only the structure of organs and tissues but the magnetic properties of the body. If we act accordingly toward the damaged organs, we can return them to a natural balance, which will help one to heal more quickly.

The effect of anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-flow, hypotensive (lowering of arterial pressure), analgesic effect (helping to effectively overcome even strong phenomena such as phantom pain) as the basic effects of high induction magnetotherapy. Moreover, processes that ensure normal tissue nutrition and improve their regeneration capacity are restored. High-induction magnetotherapy is also a tool that can deliver great relief and, in some cases, completely eliminate unwanted feelings of pain.



are acoustic waves whose frequency lie beyond human ear audibility.

Purpose of treatment: deep warming effect, alleviating pain, relaxing long-term muscle tension, increasing local blood supply and the metabolism. It is primarily used for joint and nervous inflammation.



is a procedure using a vacuum machine that massages. This procedure improves blood and lymph circulation in the body. Lymph drainage helps eliminate undesirable deposits and liquids from the body, it reduces pain and swelling, has a beneficial effect on skin quality and cellulite, which is reduced through repeated use.

The machine works on the basis of a pulsing suctioning, which massages, tightens, and expands subcutaneous tissue.

Contraindications of lymph drainage: oncologic diseases, acute bacterial and viral infections, skin infections, festering eczema, non-compensated hypertension, acute vein inflammation, swellings caused by heart, kidneys, liver, or pregnancy, glaucoma, vague abdominal pain, peripheral artery diseases, diabetes, seniors aged 65 and up.



are used primarily for respiratory system diseases, for moistening the mucous membranes.



An entirely new method of carbon dioxide treatment on the Carbobed instrument. Total or partial carbon dioxide bath, in which the patient’s neck or chest is covered in a special chamber filled with carbon dioxide. Treatment in the Carbobed chamber has a positive effect on blood circulation, reduces arterial pressure, reduces the burden on the heart, improves blood circulation in peripheral parts of the body, improves metabolism, has anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates the production of sex hormones – testosterone and estradiol.



is a therapeutic and regenerative method based on the principle of inhaling adequate doses of oxygen for 30-60 minutes. It is used during headaches, lack of appetite, fatigue, sleep disorders, depression, fast heart rate, treatment of malignant tumours, chronic acne, and diseases of the lungs, and bronchial tubes, stress.



is a machine indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the vertebrogenic system, joints, tendons, and muscles. Its effect reduce pain, increase blood supply, and reduce swelling.


Dr+Med Sis.

Mudr Koula is the head physician with unique experience and a long-term successful career. The key to the success of our Spa & Wellness is its individual approach to guests, together with the application of new...


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General contraindications of spa treatment

Infectious diseases transmissible to humans and bacillus carriers Clinical signs of circulatory failure, malignant arrhythmias Frequently recurring profuse bleeding Malignant tumors detected during and after treatment with clinically detectable signs of disease progression Epilepsy,...