The Windsor complex is located in the very heart of Karlovy Vary’s historic centre, which is famed for its unique architecture, healing springs and leading spa care.

Immediate vicinity

The Mill Colonnade

The Windsor complex neighbours the most famous Karlovy Vary colonnade – the Mill Colonnade. With its six thermal springs, this is a place which every visitor to Karlovy Vary must see. You are sure to appreciate staying close to it.

Other colonnades

A few minutes’ walk away are the other Karlovy Vary colonnades: Park (Sadová), Market (Tržní), Chateau (Zámecká) and Hot Spring (Vřídelní) Colonnades. This last colonnade contains Karlovy Vary’s famed hot spring geyser.

Karlovy Vary

The most well-known and largest Bohemian spa offers an inexhaustible number of treatments, relaxation, cultural and sports activities.

The historic centre seems to be made for strolling round while drinking the healing mineral waters from the thermal springs, and relaxing in the parks or visiting the boutiques and other luxury shops.

If you’re of a sporty disposition, Karlovy Vary offers tours of its spa woods containing numerous viewing towers, a golf course and tennis court, pools and many other sports venues.

The Concert Hall, Karlovy Vary municipal theatre, cinema and luxury restaurants and bars provide a rich cultural and night life.

If you’re into your ice-hockey, you can visit a home match of team, HC Energie, who play in the highest Czech ice-hockey league.

Karlovy Vary region

Karlovy Vary’s surroundings are an oasis for all who enjoy hiking, sight-seeing, playing golf and those who love virgin nature and a rich history.

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